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An Update on ELS’s Contribution to the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund

May 11, 2015

ELS Educational Services has established a scholarship program to provide English language training to scholars supported by the Institute of International Education (IIE) Scholar Rescue Fund.


There are moments when we can reach out and positively impact a person’s life, and happily ELS has the means to do that by supporting the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund.

In recent years, many of the students studying at our ELS Language Centers found themselves with us when violence erupted in their home countries. Suddenly they were cut off from their families and without funds for study or living expenses. ELS assured them of unconditional support to continue their studies, regardless of the political affiliations of their parents, until such time as they could safely return home.

Expanding this effort further, upon learning about the Institute of International Education (IIE) Scholar Rescue Fund, ELS President and CEO Mark Harris discussed with IIE the possibility of offering English study scholarships at any ELS Language Center to help at-risk scholars, their spouses and their children rapidly master English in order to teach, conduct research and otherwise be successful in their relocations to the United States and other places around the world.

The IIE’s program is a humanitarian extension of sanctuary in support of the rights of equality, freedom of religion and free-speech, to which ELS is fully committed. ELS scholarships will be our contribution towards the successful transition of at-risk academics to continue to be productive in their research and teaching work in safety. The ELS scholarship is having a significant impact in the lives of rescued scholars and their spouses, increasing their comfort and adaptation to their new circumstance.

We wanted to take a moment to update you on the ELS scholarship to the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund. The positive impact and good will this program is generating is truly infectious. To date, 31 scholars and their family members (from a wide range of countries) have studied with ELS through this program. Through waived tuition and fees, ELS has contributed $209,000 to this very important cause so far.

For further information, click here to view a flyer. You may also view a copy of a program application here. For information on hosting, please visit www.ScholarRescueFund.org.