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ELS Educational Services and International Technological University Announce an International Education Alliance

June 28, 2016

ELS Educational Services, Inc. of Princeton, New Jersey and International Technological University (ITU) of San Jose, California, announced an alliance in international education. Under the terms of the agreement, ELS will recruit international students from around the world to attend a preparatory course offered by ELS at the San Jose campus of ITU. The ELS Center will open in the fall of 2016.

While enrolled at ELS, students will receive a minimum of 360 hours of intensive training in all four English language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), skills for classroom participation, research (including proper attribution of sources), expository writing, and other language and study skills to ensure their academic success.

Asked about the alliance with ITU, ELS President Emeritus Mark W. Harris said, “ITU is a unique institution located in the heart of Silicon Valley, which offers graduate degrees and cutting edge training in the most sought after majors, including software engineering, digital arts, and electrical engineering. ELS students who qualify for admission to ITU will benefit through study of the most advanced curriculum taught by industry specialists, as well as through curricular practical training with Silicon Valley companies, such as CISCO, Intel, Apple, and Facebook. When international students graduate, their ITU degrees and the practical experience they have acquired during their internships will give them a huge advantage when pursuing career opportunities back home.”

Last year alone, ELS enrolled students from more than 140 countries, and many of those students are looking for programs in STEM degrees such as those offered by ITU. ELS works with professional educational counseling agencies in 102 countries that provide information about ELS affiliated universities. ELS and ITU, through this alliance, will ensure that students and their parents receive complete and accurate information about the programs, in their own language, from an ELS Counselor in their home country.

Once students complete their degrees at ITU, ELS provides them with training and guidance to help them find a job in their home country. Many of ITU’s international graduates also get offers to stay in San Jose, for Optional Practical Training (OPT) programs for up to three years.

Mr. Harris added, “We are confident that ELS will be able to find talent from developing higher education markets around the world, which will bring a rich diversity to ITU’s enrollment. ELS’s job is to give these students an ELS Soft Landing® and ensure that they have the language skills and acculturation, which will help them thrive at ITU.”

“Our partnership with ELS is strategic to ITU’s future and the future of Silicon Valley,” said ITU’s President Gregory O’Brien. “Together ELS and ITU are forging a partnership that will enhance students’ learning experiences and their careers for years to come. This partnership will bring to Silicon Valley future technological leaders from around the world, who will ultimately drive the global economy.”

O’Brien added, “The ELS Center at ITU will provide students the opportunity to improve their language skills in the world’s most entrepreneurial and advanced technological community. They will participate in the life of a dynamic STEM-focused graduate university. ELS students at ITU will be able to take advantage of courses that are relevant to their interests taught by some of Silicon Valley’s leading professionals as well as participate in lectures, discussions, and activities of their interest.”

He noted, “ELS’s network of carefully selected representatives will help ensure that students coming to ITU for graduate study will be fully prepared academically and linguistically for coursework and internship experiences in many of the world’s leading technology companies.”