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ELS Educational Services and Hofstra University announce an International Education Alliance

April 25, 2016

ELS Educational Services of Princeton, New Jersey and Hofstra University have announced an alliance in international education whereby ELS will assist in recruiting international students, bringing them to the ELS intensive English and study skills training program preparing them for admission to Hofstra’s post graduate degree programs.

Candidates will study with ELS on the Hofstra campus and, on average, will complete more than 480 contact hours of intensive training prior to matriculating to Hofstra’s degree programs. Training includes six hours daily of intensive English instruction in small classes of 12-15 students.

The ELS English for Academic Purposes program is taught by communicative method and it includes US classroom culture of participation, advanced expository writing, research, attribution of sources and other necessary skills for academic success.

In longitudinal studies involving nearly 450 ELS graduates from many of the 50+ on-campus ELS Language Centers in the USA, ELS students in graduate programs earned an average cumulative GPA of 3.42. Hofstra is a selective institution and the ELS student’s thorough preparation will be required for the rigorous and entrepreneurial environment at the University.

Asked about the alliance, ELS President and CEO Mark W. Harris said, “We are very excited about helping international students prepare for Hofstra University. Last year, students from more than 140 nations attended ELS programs on US campuses, and more than fifty percent applied for post graduate programs. Hofstra’s high faculty to student ratio of 14:1 and small classes (the majority have 20 or fewer students) will ensure the student support and intimacy that brings out the best in international students while also providing close socialization for the internationalization of domestic students. Hofstra’s highly rated programs in Engineering, Computer Science, and Management, and the ACCSB accredited Frank G. Zarb School of Business MBA program with offerings including Business Analytics, Information Systems, International Business and Strategic Healthcare Management should make Hofstra a magnet for highly qualified internationals.”

Many ELS graduates have matriculated to Hofstra in recent years and the establishment of the ELS Language Center on campus will enable more students to see the campus and acculturate before being admitted to their programs of study. The first cohort of international students will begin their ELS program of study at the end of April 2016.

About ELS

ELS Educational Services offers over 55 years of expertise in assisting international students. Since 1961, ELS has assisted over 1,200,000 international students achieve their personal and professional goals through English preparation and academic success skill preparation. ELS assists international students identify and gain entry to higher education institutions around the world, including in Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia and the United States.

ELS has the largest network of campus-based English language instruction centers in the world (ELS Language Centers), offering over 80 study locations, the majority on university campuses. Over 650 universities worldwide accept the ELS Certificate of Completion from the intensive English for Academic Purposes program as proof of the English proficiency required for admission.

ELS annually facilitates the enrollment of thousands of international students into degree programs, thus expanding their future possibilities.